20x30 canvas wraps cheap! $25!


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Aug 27, 2007
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St. Louis, Missouri, USofA
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That is cheap. I pay 3 times that much with Kodak Canada.
Anyone use these guys? Comment on their prints etc?
I have order three canvas wraps from them.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I got a 16x12 with a sale ($14.99 total), and was so impressed I ordered two 14x11's ($24.99 total). One was to donate to my docent council for a raffle, and to get my name out to sell the other one, and more, during our Christmas craft fair.

I'm ordering more now that they have the larger sizes! I just want them to all go on sale...haha.

The only bad side is shipping...is longish. Count on two weeks.
Hi $25 is so cheap for a good quality canvas ,a good quality canvas and ink alone and the frame will cost more then that.
take a look at this QualityCanvasArt: Home Page

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