25/02/2012 4:46pm What a cool Canadian minute!


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Ok so we live in a very rural area, "cottage country" is a good way to describe it. I was sitting there yesterday and I heard a Canada Goose. I grab my camera and step out the door... but I hear something else... sounds like a plane but boy does it sound different... and low...the house starts to rumble...

I spot the goose, not very close but good practice tracking... still hear the plane .. getting closer...

I get 4 shots of the goose... and see the plane in the distance and closing FAST!!

Swing the camera up and get 5 shots of the plane as it rumbles in...

Definitely not some of my greatest shots, but a neat moment in photography none the less that left me with a couple snapshots and a neat story...but boy do I wish I had more lens! lol
Do ya' think that jet was able to catch that goose and shoot it down?
Teehee good ones guys :)
We are Midwest area, between Hanover and Durham. There were two of them going east to west on the first pass then back east (but way out of range).
My first thought was I wonder if someone is too close to the nuclear station's airspace... But they didn't stay long enough.
Do ya' think that jet was able to catch that goose and shoot it down?

Yeah, but we do actually get the job done with one bird (and a barge) !! :greenpbl:
Seem similar shots , but not the same. Lucky you get the 2 shots :D
Okay..I'm going off the subject for a second. The purple haze around the trees. I get that with my tamron 75-300mm. What is that and how do you stop that from happening.

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