2nd Body - New Rebel XT for $399 or Used 20D for $550


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May 20, 2007
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I currently shoot with a 40D. I am looking for a second camera to have around my neck to hold a 2nd lens. I really am considering going with a new XT, since Amazon has it (body only) for 399 and I LOVED my old XT.

Are there any huge reasons I should go with a used 20D instead??
I'm always really impressed with the images that the XT series bodies can create. For a second body that seems like a great way to go. Light and portable as well.
I'd go with the 20D.

The one thing people forget to consider when looking for a backup camera body is the controls. The controls/features for the XT is rather different than the 40D and the 20D is more or less similar. When shooting, you will need to do a mental context switch between the two cameras which can be a little confusing as well as interrupt your flow (now how do I change the ISO on this body? or was that the other body?). This is the number one reason why professionals usually prefer to use the same exact same camera body for both primary and backup.

The second reason is the better build on the 20D.
i would go with xt i have an xt now and it take wonderful pictures
I'll probably go with the 20D if its still for sale when I have the money to spend :). I forgot to mention that it includes a canon brand battery grip and 2 batteries.

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