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May 8, 2008
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Charleston, SC
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Made a quick trip through Knoxville, TN and had some nice weather and snagged a couple of photos. I would appreciate any C&C ya'll would like to offer.

1.) Hydroelectric dam built in the 30's to aid in war time production.


2.) Mild HDR of a composite of 3 AEB of above shot


3.) Was trying to capture how the setting sun was lighting up the grass & weeds on this rolling hill.

It's easy for things to get lost when you post at 4:40AM (EST), just sayin'.
loving the second one!
as for when you post something, there are people on here from all over the world so soeone is bound to see it, the time on here says 4:11pm but it's actually 7:15 am here in Brisbane.
I don't feel like the first image needed any tone mapping, nor did the HDR treatment add much detail to the shadows. It just seems to have over saturated it a bit. There are some added details, but I don't think they add anything. The horizon needs to be leveled and there's too much empty sky for me, nothing up there to be of interest and therefore takes away from the image.

The thing that is drawing my attention is the intensely green foreground and the black shadow in the bottom left corner. I would like to see into the ravine and more of the dam.

I see what you were going for in #3, which I think could make an intersting shot, perhaps a very good shot. But you also captured barbed wire, trees, sky, etc... Perhaps 1/4 of the image is actually your subject. That works when there is nothing else going on in the image, but the other things are really fighting for attention here because it's just so darned 'busy'. You would do well to really get down lower, get closer, and/or zoom in to what you want us to see.

Just my opinions...

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