3 from my toy lens


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Jul 2, 2012
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talbot victoria australia
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85mm petzval lens, still loving it
#2 I like the best

#3 his eyes looks a bit... idk...weird... but that's just me
the BG on #2 is crazy, was that SOOC or did you help it along?
#2 rocks! Id love to shoot with a Petzval
I love that "football bokeh" signature that lens can yield.
I just looked the petzval lens up, and it looks really cool! And your photos look great! :)
2 does it for me - #1 i see something funky going on in his left eye right one if you are looking straight ahead)

when are you finishing up your EDITING book? i need to buy!!!!
I really like your lighting and color toning. I think all of these could benefit from a little dodging and burning in order to soften the tonal gradients in the skin.

I know it's a bit nit-picky, but I think it will really help by making the skin look much cleaner. I never notice these sort of gradients when I'm looking at someone in person, however I think it becomes really noticeable in a still image.
never seen this lens in color. it works well!
great photos!!
#2 is a rock star..

I love the mood, the treatment.. and the effect of this lense..

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