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Aug 30, 2010
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Westbrook, CT
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The sunrise picture was cropped to remove some distracting plants and a chainlink fence running through the picture. The red-tailed hawk was cropped and vignetted to try to remove the bird trainer from the picture. The docking pole is lightly edited, I set the color setting to vivid in camera and adjusted exposure and some other things in lightroom. I know that the pole is still crooked, but I think that the chain on the side balances it nicely. Any advice is welcome.
Remember to give your subjects some breathing room. You are still cropping them a little to close the the edge. Consider a mat will encroach into the image anywhere from 1/8th to 1/4 inch (depending on the framer).

Nice shots, though.
Thanks! I have no idea why I have the compulsion to crop so tight all the time, but at least I still have the RAW files and that can be fixed.
1) It's a beautiful shot. While the subject is obviously the sky, I think I'd like to see just a little bit more more detail on the water surface.

2) Something's wrong with the bird and it kills the photo for me. It looks as if you run the image through some noise-reduction software and almost all the detail was lost in the process. (Even if the detail was still there, the triangular thingy on the bottom right corner would need to go.)

3) This is my favourite of the three, with so much detail on the post and the chain. However, the rust looks too vibrant, especially on the chain – to the point of near radioactivity :) The post being crooked is not a problem, since old structures being out of whack is something you would expect to see.

Just my two cents.
reduced the saturation of the orange and red, cannot change the tight crop because the photo is not cropped:(

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