3 portraits for C&C


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Dec 27, 2008
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Nice shots, color seems a bit off. Then again I am not on my main computer and this one isn't calibrated.
Unique poses; yet as timbearden said, the color seems a little "off". Perhaps you meant it like that though.
it seems very obvious to me that these were processed to give them some nice tones. im diggin what you did to them.
in the first i would likely crop out the pole behind the subject as it serves no purpose, and i find it a bit distracting.
the other 2 are nice, and i like the processing.
I like them and like how you processed them as well. If I were to be super picky, it looks like you focused on his shoulder in #1 and his face is just slightly soft. Always focus on the eyes. That would've made a big difference for me in this pic.

I love the lighting in 2. LOVE what you captured in 3. Great shot of a child...I really get good feel about personality here. Great shot.
Thanks for the feedback! I understand what you're saying about picture #1, the detail is more on his shoulder than on his face... I'll do better next time on that ;) I'm planning on framing #3 a giving it as a gift to my brother (the child is my nephew) for Christmas... Accidentally shot that at 1600! Did some noise reduction on it, but I'm still not sure that I'm exactly happy with the outcome. Looks a little soft on the facial features IMO
I love the first one with out the pole. I think you could clone that out. I love the story it tells to me. like he is waiting for something.
that is just a crop. I would like to keep as much of him as possible. rather do a clone remove or something like that

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