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    1. I have a 055XB Manfrotto with a 750HDV head, not ideal now but we used to do video.
    • I like the pods sturdiness and I like the secureness you get from the plate/head.
    • What I don't like is it weighs a ton, the head is not versatile - being only landscape oriented and also the long centre column underneath is a pain, I know you can separate the head and neck as it were but I'm still limited to landscape. Also police men look at me walking around urban areas at night esp, as if I'm carrying iron.
    • What I've look at in the past is one of those L plates, other options?
    2 I have a 750D and currently a 24-70 200 mm combination f2.8x2 are gorilla pods effective at all
    and which one zoom or focus, this would be separate the tripod question.

    3 A camera bag to fit above equipment in Q(2) plus a few auxiliaries recommendations?

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    1. Look at an arca-swiss system. My choice is RRS ball head. Kirk, Acratech, and several others use area-swiss. Be warned that an arca-swiss system tends to be expensive but to my way of thinking it is the most secure, and most versatile system.

    2. Personally I don't use the gorilla pods. I don't trust putting thousands of dollars of gear on tens of dollars pod. Flashes yes. Cameras & lenses no.

    3. Camera Bags Reviews Homepage - Cambags Best resource on the net to look at bags. Go to the advance search, put in the type of bag and the amount of gear and it will pull comparable bags.
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