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Oct 26, 2003
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Brisbane, Australia
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Here were the group photos of the 3 sisters I photographed a few weeks ago. The processing is a bit lower on these than the photos of the two I posted earlier. Please critique and go nuts. They loved them, and I like them but we're biased and probably miss most of the mistakes.


I like the arrangement of people on the first image. also exposure seems ok, however the highlights on the skin bother me a bit (maybe this is sweat?). maybe this could be saved in re-processing the original.

the same holds for the highlights on left of the horizontal wooden bar.

I cannot see the second image ...
I'm finding that the wood rail is quite distracting. Especially in the first one, where it has a bright reflection.

In both photos, I would consider cropping off the part of the image below the rail.

There are a few stray shadows; on the right side pillar in the first, and on the arm on the right in the 2nd image. But that's really a big deal. Overall, I think these are pretty good.
I cannot see the second image ...

Good one you managed to critique in the 3 minutes it took me to notice my posting error on the second photo :p The second one should have been visible right after you left the thread.

Yeah the highlights is from the flash on the left causing the shine on the wood and the skin. The humidity has been between 75-95% for the last 3 weeks that's why everyone is so shiny, but I could dull that down in photoshop. Found a good technique for doing that recently just never thought it would be a problem that needs to be picked up on.

Mike yeah the shadows were needed. I didn't have a softbox with me and the lighting was so incredibly dull that I hit them with an off camera flash. The shadows don't seem to worry me at all, personal taste really but the white glare on the bar does grab for attention. I'll try and hit it with the clone tool.

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