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Mar 20, 2008
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Time crunch! I had about 30 seconds to set this up and another 30-60 to photograph since people were moving on the line. It's cropped tight because of the person standing directly behind him.

I used one bare strobe for the back light. It caught the steam and froze the peas perfectly. I used the harsh and hot lighting to kind of try and give the same feel to the photo. Stepping back to the line from out in the restaurant where I was taking pictures of the food was like walking straight into the oven. I started sweating just being back there.

LOVE the timing! It looks a little dark for my tastes though (could be my monitor).
awesome timing indeed!

normally i would agree that its a bit dark, but im focusing on the pan o' peas, and im kinda liking that the chef is a second thought to the peas.

nice shot.
That's a keeper just as it is! I did a double-take on those peas. The slight darkness doesn't bother me at all.
Nice shot! I like the teaser flames coming off the burner. The only thing I would do, is clone out that blown out spot in the upper right corner. It's kinda distracting to me. I used to be a cook, so this one is extra cool to me!
great capture!
The chef was underexposed on purpose.

ok. If you're focusing on the food and the restaurant then I think this is a good idea. If you're focusing on the executive chef and his abilities then you might want to add some light to him.

I don't mind the dark chef, he still has detail.
The front lip of the pan is too hot, from your flash; not the burner. Takes away from the bottom of the plume of peas.

Otherwise, excellent timing.
He just looks lots darker than the peas. I think this is a failure of my monitor more than anything. Seems like everyone else is seeing it a little different than I am.
^^ I would like to see some definition on the right sleeve (near his body) of his jacket, but the cook's face being slightly underexposed is working for me.

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