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Dec 27, 2007
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Ontario, Canada.
Sorry if this is a stupid question... But I've recently come across a decently priced 30D at a local camera shop. I was set on getting an XTi, but now I'm considering the 30D instead. Which is the better camera? Or should I just wait for the XSi? Ideally I'd love the 40D, but it just seems so expensive.

What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance, you folks have really helped me out a lot.
Most experienced photographers will always tell you that buying a good lens is more important than buying a good body. While I agree with that statement in general, I (an ambitious beginner) find it much more enjoyable to shoot with my friend's 30D than my XT. The camera feels nicer, and has better controls, especially for shooting manual. It's also a fantastic time to buy the 30D as it's just been upgraded, so it's getting cheap fast. I don't think that paying the extra money for a well-priced 30D will set you back that much on lenses later, and as a beginner, I have been perfectly happy shooting with just my camera, a 50mm f/1.8, a flash unit and a tripod for a month and I have learned so much. I don't see needing a whole lot of extra glass right away.

Again, I am a beginner and I have a lot of respect for those who disagree with me, but personally, having used both cameras quite a bit, I crave the feel of the 30D more than I do my next lens.
Well...it's a hard choice. It really depends on how used the 30D really is. If it's almost dead, then it's not worth it. If it's only taken 5000 pics...then you're good.
My brother's 40D and my XT are worlds apart. Shooting with his camera is just way more fun...and easy. The controls are so much smarter.
I have a 30D and an XT. IMHO the 30D blows the XT's socks off. I tried my niece's XTi and that is only a marginal improvement over the XT. The XSi is about the same - only a marginal improvement and totally blown out of the water by a 30D.

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