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Jan 12, 2009
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Ok I understand the concept of the 365 project but can someone explain this in detail? Do I need to take a picture of the same thing at the same time of everyday or something diffferent all different times of the day? I've decided to give myself a challenge since I'm so knew and maybe this can help me learn a little more about the settings and what I like and don't like and I'd like to start either today or tomorrow.
Oh and also do I need to use the same lens everyday?
My favorite 365 are done as self ports for each day. place, time, lighting, lens, everything can change but the concept is shooting a self each day.

Some are of objects, trees, family, etc...
there are a few on flickr that are very well done, even if not complete.

do a search for "365 days" and then review the person sets.
There are some amazing 365 projects on Flickr. One of my favorites is Flickr: jeff_engel *has limited access to flickr*'s Photostream the guy takes some breath taking photos and is great with Photoshop.

O gosh I just went to look at a few and I want to know how he took that one picture..the one where he is holding a picture of himself reaching out. That is awesome. I guess some people are just good with manipulation. I need step by step instructions lol:lol:
Oh my gosh is he awesome or what? Do you talk to him or know him?
Okay, that is pretty cool. I hadn't stumble into his shots yet....some very cool stuff...Love the knife self port to....
Nope not really anybody I know just someone that a friend pointed out to me. I added him as a contact because his work is really good. The photoshop stuff is amazing really. Some of his HDR work is also awesome.

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