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Feb 9, 2009
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I know I need to get a flash, but I was wondering if there are any 3rd party flashes people have used for Canon Rebel at a lower cost than the Canon speedlights.
I've never used a third party flash before, but there are a few brands that have decent reputations...just be sure a particular model can work with your Canon. Check B&H for Bower, Metz, Sigma, Sunpak and Vivitar flashes that are compatible with Canon EOS DSLRs. Look for models that have swivel, bounce and zoom heads.
Second hand is a good option too, but check for the trigger voltage as some DSLR's don't like high trig voltages.
Pretty much any external flash you get is going to run circles around the built-in
I got a SunPak Auto 222 Thrysistor for 20 bucks (actually I traded a lens worth 50 dollars for a lens worth 30 dollars (I love the 30 dollar lens way more that I likes the 50 dolalr one) and the flash)

It has does tilt, it faces straight, straight up or 60 degrees. I havent used it straight up unless its in my bag not being used (my friends find the 90 degrees (straight up) makes it quite easy to flash other people with it...... It ticks me off when the use it but i cant make them stop. would be nice if the head swiveled so I could shoot in the portrait position and bounce the flash, but for 20 bucks, ill live with it. Also, on the back, it has a chart thats very simple to use. You set your film speed (it goes from 25-1000 ASA/ISO. Then on the bar on the right, you decide if you want full power or 1/16th power (it also has 2 automatic modes which are full power, but they are innacurate. it says at f/4 and full power the flash is effective between 6 and 36 and at f/8 between 3 and 18 feet. just annoying) Then you look at the chart, either at the top find the aperture you want to use then right below it, it tells you how far it is effective, or choose how far you want the flash to be, then choose the aperture it says. So far ive gotten perfect exposures every time ive used it.

PS Using it in manual mode gives you exact numbers, not an approx.

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