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4 new ones for C&C /=


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May 7, 2011
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molt falls eh crop1 by Chodie89, on Flickr


sea ca2ve rz by Chodie89, on Flickr


1d1 by Chodie89, on Flickr


June Lak2e by Chodie89, on Flickr


June Lake by Chodie89, on Flickr

I can't decide between 4 and 5... 4 has a clearer focus but 5 is more dramatic imo. I think the problem is that the picture isn't very good either way.

#2 was just fog outside so I couldn't get but just that large gray spot... does it ruin the photo or add to the tone?

Let me know what y'all think and how I can improve please!
Being the noobie that I am I don't have any pointers or anything for you. Just wanted to say I really LOVE shot #'s 2, and 3.

2 seems a little dark where the telescope is but than again what do I know? Thanks for sharing!
Why the " :/ " in the topic title? These are generally nice shots! Personally I like #4 much better than #5, though perhaps its a bit dark, it appears more dramatic to me, and the waterfall has a certain softness to it that I would imagine it to have in sound. Other then that, the only thing I can pick out about #3 is that the grass to the lower right is a bit distracting, maybe crop it up a tiny amount? #1's foreground to me just isn't sharp enough, likely due to the shutter speed used to catch the effect on the waterfall combined with some wind blowing the flowers around methinks.

But again, you've got some great photos here!
Wow, I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY like that second one. I'd die for access to the RAW to play with the treatment a little bit. I couldn't resist playing a bit with what you have, however. See what you think...


I did a curves adjustment.

I also cropped it down a bit vertically to accentuate the length of the "vista".

I also cheated a bit and clone-stamped a bit more of the green becaue I wanted to keep it long and I really wanted the green to touch both ends so that it lacked any clear end in the viewable part of the frame.

I think it could use a bit more work, but what I can do with a jpeg is limited.

Really really awesome image though. Thanks for sharing.
I'm a noob, but have to say I love 1 and 3! Personally I also like 5 better than 4.
3 is lovely, great capture of the light.

Between 4 and 5 I would have to go with 5 because I don't see why it should be B&W. Both versions have a weird discontinuity at the left dead tree trunk, where the snow gets whiter at that line. It draws my eye without being the subject of the photo.

I think the fog adds to 2.
Thanks a lot manaheim for your edit! I really like what you did to it.

Here's the original of number 3 since so many of you have commented on it. The position of the sun bothers me for some reason so I cropped it but the more I look at it, the more I think there's too much lost in the original crop. Any suggestions?? It's okay to edit

canon beach 22 by Chodie89, on Flickr
Personally, I like the original version of #3. I really don't think cropping is necessary.
Personally, I like the original version of #3. I really don't think cropping is necessary.

I like the original crop better as well. The grass in the foreground really works, IMO. I would maybe try to reposition the sun slightly so it's not so close to the center without removing the grass.
I feel like the first one should have been shot portrait as opposed to landscape. The sides don't add too much to the scene and the top of the fall and the stream leading away are missing.

The beach shot is really good. I like the first crop except for the grass in the bottom right foreground.
I think the foreground grass really adds to #3. The diagonal leading line of the shore guides the eyes along a series of shapes in decreasing size(foreground grass, middle-ground grass, background hills) which are balanced by the island and the sun. I actually think you could probably crop off some of the clouds at the top to better aid in the balance. =D Nice capture. :)

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