42nd street Photo and tronic city??


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Apr 27, 2014
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Has anyone bought items from either of the two?
If you did a Google search or a search on this forum you would find plenty of discussions about these places. They do bait and switch and aren't reputable
Avoid like the plague.
Stay away! Their prices seem great and convincing, but they will frequently call you after you have placed your order and notify you that the priced you paid is for the grey market version, and that you can pay "X" amount more for the US version. Spend a little extra and buy from Adorama or BH photo, or buy used on somewhere like here or Fredmiranda
Thank you that is the help I was looking for. Where is a good place to buy used Canon equipment at? Whois Fred Miranda?
Used from B&H, KEH, Adorama
42nd street is not reputable in my opinion. They seem to use tactics that take advantage of newbies and rip them off. Also I would not trust any positive reviews about them because I suspect it is 42nd Street themselves who put them up. They do not seem to have equipment at the prices they claim on line. They will sell you a gray market camera with no battery and try to upsell you on the battery along with useless accessories and warranties. Here is how you know that I am right about this. Try buying one of their products. Without fail you will receive a call from one of these scumbags when you click buy. The sale is never smooth and straightforward. Why would anyone need to call you? Just send the stuff at the price that was advertised. I don't need to talk to anyone. That is why I buy things online! They call you and try to upsell you. If you are adamant and refuse they will hold your money hostage until you relent. In the end you end up paying more for a gray market camera than you would if you bought directly from a Nikon USA approved seller. My advice to you is: Resist the temptation to save money. This really is one of those too good to be true examples. Don't be a dunce and think you are smart by ignoring all the people on here warning you.
Used from B&H, KEH, Adorama

B&H now charges sales tax to all states. Go for the other two.
Since when? I don't think this is true.

I don't know when but it certainly is true. On Monday I went to the B&H site to place an order. The invoice showed Indiana sales tax. I cancelled it and ordered with Adorama.
That was likely an error. Instead of cancelling the order, why not call them and ask? I've ordered from them recently with no sales tax.

From their website:

Sales Tax
Local Sales Tax: When an order is shipped within New York State, the law requires that local sales tax be added to the order total, including any shipping charges. Purchases in our store are subject to an 8.875% local sales tax. This tax is not a VAT and cannot be recovered by non-USA visitors when returning home.

If your order is shipping to an address in the State of New York or New Jersey, or being picked up in our Manhattan SuperStore, local sales tax will be automatically assessed unless the account is registered as tax-exempt. We do not collect taxes on any other domestic (USA) orders.
No need to cancel the order. I never entered it. As soon as I saw the sales tax I sent my browser to Adorama.

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