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Feb 15, 2012
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Novi Sad, Serbia
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Singer is singing under the stall with 50 euros on his forehead at Homeland gathering, Selište, Bukovac 2010, Serbia
I find it interesting because its something I've never seen before. I like the dark and light, and how the light almost completely frames the singer. My eye drifts to that black L to the right, I'd probably burn that out completely. And maybe try to pull some details from the blacks, I'm assuming those were lost in post processing? I think its a decent lifestyle/candid image.
I suppose this is something which Western people have no chance to see at all. The Serbs originated from Western Bosna and Croatia who settled in Srem after the Second World War and latest war in ex-Yugoslavia gathers here every year. But this scene is common in Serbia at weddings, for instance.
On my monitor I see details in blacks. I took this photo by strong contrast. Thanks a lot for your honest comment, I appreciate it.
Are you calibrated in brightness as well? Even at full brightness, I can't see anything on most of back of his hand and the keyboard guys black shirt, for instance. And their RGB #s are a solid 1.

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