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Sep 3, 2013
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Appleton, WI
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This thing is great. Focus is quick and accurate, and the 80mm 2.8 (despite being $150) is SUPER sharp-comparable to my former Hasselblad H 150 3.2, actually. These aren't award winning shots, I'm aware, but they go to show what this camera is capable of. Both shot on 2006 expired and poorly stored Portra 160, 220. Colors were left alone because I didn't feel like messing with it.

83640009 by Michael Long, on Flickr

83640013 by Michael Long, on Flickr

83640005-2 by Michael Long, on Flickr

83640010-2 by Michael Long, on Flickr
I like the first two and the third one is really beautifully done.
Thanks Sharon!

I've missed medium format for too long. Now it's time to stay with it. Burn through that stack of film, go MF digital, and be MF FO LYFE YO
Ah, Michael ... your test shots remind me of the days when I shot film, they look so "filmy" ... sadly I have not developed a roll of film in over two years.
They really do. It's that expired film color shift that's making it look that way. I didn't manipulate them at all other than cropping the hexagon one. I bet if I shot it with the in date Ektar I have in it now, it would almost look digital.
Awsome, I love the 1st one!!

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