8:35 A.M. And only 11 of us here :)


Been spending a lot of time on here!
May 9, 2012
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Anywhere we want! Just us And the RV
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hmmmm, does that mean we have kids and have to get up or just like me....old and went to bed early?
Wishing everyone all the best in 2016!!
I was out walking. Waffle House for breakfast, Walmart for errands, walk 4 or 5 miles.
Seasonal normal, I guess. It's been nuts here this year and I can't really keep up with it. Two weeks ago it was in the upper 20's early in the morning. Last weekend it was in the lower 70's early in the morning. This morning, right at freezing. I like cold weather so it felt good to me.

I have friends in Phoenix, AZ and on Christmas day it was 10 degrees warmer here than in Phoenix. Christmas eve tornadoes ripped up a big part of Mississippi and Tennessee which is similar to our May weather. Just plain nuts so far this winter.
31 and sunny here. Watched the last 15 minutes of NBC's Times Square TV show...ugggh...an awful five-person panel...just sooo tacky and celeb-news trashy in their last, pre New Year's segment, talking about Justin Bieber's penis and the photos of him exposing himself by nude hot tubbing with paparazzi lurking, and his dad tweeting about it...wow...what crappy segment to begin NBC's year-in-review segment! I bet Dick Clark was rolling in his grave.
YUK!! Glad I didn't stay up for that!!
I just CAN NOT read or listen to anything Bieber or Kardashian and some others. Thankfully Paris Hilton has run out her 15 minutes of fame.
Next time you may have to just go back to bed! lol

Watched briefly the Dick Clark show that Seacrest hosts which had a bunch of people yammering and didn't seem to know what they were doing, then when the ball dropped to CNN since they stop talking long enough you can actually hear Sinatra etc.

Then was going to go back to a late night movie but checked back in w/Dick Clark's show (which they still call it) and there was a band on that I actually I knew the song... ended up watching some of it surprisingly enough. I guess alternative rock or whatever they call it now has gotten popular because there were three performers I actually knew their music. Who would've thought! lol Usually it's the ball drop then watch a movie!

So I was up til about 2am. And now I'll have to get back into the normal routine tomorrow so I'll pay for the late nights! lol

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