800W Continuous Red Head Halogen Light (220V)

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    This is a continuous focusable open-faced light, generally it is called "Red Head Halogen Light" as the light head cover is red. It uses double ended tungsten-halogen lamps.


    This Red Head light uses with a 800watt tungsten-halogen bulb and a barn door. The foldable barn doors adjust the light intensity. A screw at the bottom of the lamp modulates the bulb’s focus; when the bulb is lowered, the light is more focused. Adjusting the bulb more to the center causes the light beam to be scattered. The output of the light is 800W at 220V-240V.
    Included is a FREE 2 meter power cable to extend the original 0.6m factory supplied cable. We will supply an AC power adapter for your country where required.


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