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Apr 18, 2020
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Prefer Pick-up; I’ll be glad to meet you halfway somewhere at reasonable distance. I’m in northern VA. Shipping and packing by the carrier will be pricey, though I'm willing to do this.

$350.00 plus shipping (if any), which will have to include an extra large box. I will provide a UPS quote for your zip code.

Though I am posting this here for the first time, I have reduced my original selling price very considerably and am offering this complete kit for less than I paid for a single, smaller unit. Yes, years ago, but I still think this is an exceptional bargain:

This is a set of 3 Buff White Lightning Ultra monobloc strobes and accessories from my pro days. I had been hanging on to them, but it’s time they make someone else as happy as they have me. I used them for LF work in studio for portraiture and table-top work, as well as on location for both portraiture and architectural interiors. They pack a wallop, and the built-in slaves are very sensitive, which was great on location. I was a one-man band, the only one who handled them. I’m careful. All equipment is in very good condition.

The remote control is wired, not radio, but it sure saves a lot of trouble and time, on studio or location, especially if one or more lights are mounted too high to reach the controls. It runs on a 9V battery. It can switch each light and/or modelling light on/off, adjust intensity, and trigger whichever lights are on for a light reading. The standard phone coax that connects them can be extended; I believe I remember reading "up to 100 ft." The portrait photographer who persuaded me to buy them had a large studio with cables for several shooting areas routed to his high ceiling; he just plugged the needed ones into the remote for each set up.

These are spec’d for a bright 250W modelling lamp, very useful for LF work. Modelling lights can be on full, off, or dialed up or down with the strobe’s intensity. On occasion I have even used just the modelling lights.

If you have questions, please send a PM. Included are:

1 White Lightning Ultra1200 including light baffle, standard reflector (w/ hole for umbrella) and metal travel protector (covers tube and modelling lamp), power and phono-to-PC cable
2 White Lightning Ultra600 including light baffle, standard reflectors and metal travel protectors (cover tube and modelling lamp), power and phono-to-PC cables
1 umbrella wide dish reflector (also good for very-wide bounce)
1 RC-1 Buff 4-light remote controller with 4 color-coded 25-ft. phone cable connectors
1 honeycomb/filter holder (also holds barn door unit)
1 honeycomb (30 degrees?)
1 4-door barn door unit
1 snoot with integral honeycomb
Extra modelling bulbs (only one shown, but I believe I have two others as well)
1 padded transport case

You are welcome also to a light-focusing unit made for them, which can focus a cookie pattern for background or subject. I've a few of my own and it works surprisingly well, but is only made, though professionally, of cardboard; therefore, the modelling lamp cannot be left on for a long time with this unit mounted.


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