a couple of group/ selfphotography shots c&C


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Feb 22, 2009
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the 1st doesnt do a whole lot for me

the second is great!
oh i am the bearded guy, you know the stunningly attractive one!
what can i say when you pose with powerful and beautiful women one needs a bit of .... self esteem
none taken these were production shots for improv teams I was on when I lived in Chicago. They are the real lookers with talent.
three clam lights with 250 watt bulbs on attached to the tripod a rim attached to a chair and a back light
Second one rocks! Just recently (one full week now) i have made it a point not to shoot with the auto mode, kinda forcing myself to really learn what all the settings do so the second one intrigues me. What were your setting for the second one? Did you shoot b&w or do that in Photoshop?
the second one was shot in color and is the combination of 2 photos : a long exposure of a few girls running behind the bench and the second of a shorter exposure of the three of us on the bench.

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