A couple sunrises, and a tree


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Jul 2, 2010
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Here are a few sunrise shots! Any thoughts? Let me know!



WOW that first one is great I think. I love the foggy look over the water and the colors are amazing!! I would like to see what the sun looks like just gracing the top of the tree but this looks great as well.

The second one looks good as well but I'm gonna have to call a "Merger" on that pier post and the landscape across the back. I have just started learning about this and that catches my eye as one. Otherwise..great shot.

#3 is nice as well but it doesn't do as much for me. I like the sillohuette (spelling?) but it just doesn't seem as great as #1, speaking comparitively.

/Beginner's Opinions.
I like the first one a lot, if you would of caught the image while the sun was a bit higher it could of been a little brighter on the left side where the tree's are
My newbie thoughts:

1) I like this how it is. I don't see any obvious way to improve it. Nice!
2) Not as exciting for me with the all orange look, and the dock posts merge with the horizon giving it a weird feel.
3) Beautiful capture of the autumn leaf color, but needs less tree trunk.
#1 is over saturated and a bit unbalanced, having more visual weight on the left than on the right. I would lower the vibrancy and saturation somewhat and try several different crops.

#2 the centered horizon and thin dark background make it feel like 2 photos. Cropping can address that to a certain extent.

#3 is nice, though I would crop away all the greenery in the lower part of the photo.
#1: great shot as is, nice foreground and background. the sky is also not just plain and boring.
#2: looks like two shots stitched together, the dock looks out of place or out of focus. the sky seems bland and mono tone, same for the ridge line. It would be alot better with something else in the picture as a focal point.
#3: amazing shot, i would have taken less of the trunk and moved the camera to the left.
Thanks for the comments! Here's another shot at #1 and 2


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What kind of camera did you use.

I love all these pictures, 3 doesn't do much for me. I can't critique as your photos are much higher quality than mine :)
Wow thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

Shot with my Nikon D5000 and nikkor 18-200.
I'm curious how #2 might have looked with the dock posts extending up past the horizon (shot from a lower angle).
#1 is a great shot and my favorite. Very nice indeed.:thumbup:

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