A day at Ft Washington Park


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Sep 3, 2012
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Here is a shot that I have recently taken while visiting Ft Washington Park. I would like to think that I've have had a couple of small victories towards my goal of getting better! lol Please feel free to C&C if you have time... Don't worry I have the lube ready! haha

Ft Washington Park 1 by breyn52, on Flickr
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Very nice idea but, IMO, killed a bit by too much DoF. Background is too distractive that way.
I kind of like the background - gives it more context. I'd trim down the black around the edges.
Please bear with me everyone! When I got home from work (which is where I was when I started this thread) I started messing with the picture again and I think that I have improved it.

FT Washington touch up by breyn52, on Flickr
Now the background fits the picture. :thumbup:
That last one is 100x better than the first 2, you did it just right on that one.
I like the cropped edit for its dreamlike mood. Your touch up is a bit too sharp and takes focus off the child.
So one thing I've learned is to be a little patient when posting pics to make sure that I can't do something to improve it. I am new to lightroom and decided to play with it some more and found some settings that made it look much better! Oh the trials of a newbie! lol
Oh the trials of a newbie! lol
That's the idea of this hobby. As you gain experience you will be able to imagine what do you want at the moment of shoot.

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