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Mar 18, 2021
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The Colony, Texas, USA
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Took the camera out, inspite of my better judgement. High heat and high humidity from the recent heavy rains. 7+ miles of walking sort of did me in.

Grasshopper Tamron 18-400mm f/6.3 1/1600 ISO 200 400mm
aug21202101 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Same dude Sigma 105mm Macro f/2.8 1/6400 ISO 200 105mm
aug21202102 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Floating Primrose Willow
aug21202103 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Egret (at extreme distance)
aug21202104 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Schildkroeter (German is such a strange language, literally means shield toad, but of course, translates to turtle)
aug21202105 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Ballon Vine (I call them Fae Lanterns)
aug21202106 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Vicery Butterfly (I need to find out what the shrub is called, and plant one in my yard. They attract all sorts of pollinators)
aug21202107 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr

Dried Flower (Summer is winding down...)
aug21202108 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
Hmmm, I was wondering about the plant the butterfly is on too. #1 is my favorite.
Thanks! I did some more research, and it's called a Buttonbush, and I can get them at the nursery. I'm trying to create a pollenator friendly back yard, so I'll be getting a couple of these after the concrete deck is built.
Very nice set.....
Thank you!
#2 is my fav. but they're all very nice. Seems your walk was worth it, nice variety.
Thank you! Looking forward to the cooler weather coming in at the end of September. Birds are starting their Fall migrations now.
No 2 for me J. Just a slightly better angle and pov, tho all decent.

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