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Jan 4, 2008
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yesterday i had a small argument that turned into a big one with a friend in my photography program. It was basically that I thought when photographers take pictueres of beautiful women, that it's jsut as artistic as any other type of photography. it started when i was looking at a photographer's work and commenting on how much i wish i was good as him. The photographer's name was Paul Buceta.. heres a sample.. of his work underneith, tell me what you think.. if you want more to look at, i gott hat pic from his website..
Please don't post other photographer's work directly into a thread. It makes it look as though (without reading) that you are posting your own work. Change the pic to a link.
I agree with you completely. I love portraits and do not care if the model is nude, bikini, fully dressed etc.. Too me, the magic is in the lighting, pose, and mood of the model.

My girlfriend often calls the photos "trashy" or "that photographer is just a perv" but i disagree 100% with those statements.

I often think when girls (most men dont have a problem because if they dont care about the art side atleast they have a beautiful model to look at) have a problem it is more of an insecurity within themselves. Most are quick to call girls who show off their body "trashy" because they don't feel comfortablle enough with their body to flaunt it. But of course, some people have moral issues with the subjects as well which i guess i can understand.

Another question to add though is why is it mostly women that i see? I enjoy the work of a lot of photographers who do this kind of work and never see men posing for them?

To comment on my own question: If i were to see a male posing nude in one of these shots i would most likely skip over it. Now i am in no way homophobic but something about seeing a man naked is a huge turnoff (not that seeing these types of photos of women turns me on but i am sure you guys know what i mean) and i prefer not to see it. Is this the same way women feel about other women? I always find women to be way more comfortable around other women naked then guys are. I personally dont feel comfortable showering at the gym after my workouts but maybe thats just me?
i saw those photos from that site and frankly i find the images trashy, now if you want to see lovely nudes then look at Ruth Bernhard's.

It doesn't make any difference to me, whether it is male nudes or female, they need to be done with lovley lighting.

years ago Judy Dater started a project of male nudes don't know if she ever finished it or not.
I dotn understand how anyone could find those pictures trashy. A woman's body is a work of art, and in paul's case, he really bings outt he art,there is no nude photo's on his site. His two main models that i see all over that site,h ave their own websites, and even ont hose,t he furthest they go is in a bikini. I really agree with you stranger I think whent he women lookt hat good it can have that effect on women.
It's erotic photography. It has value as art and pornography.

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