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Dec 20, 2005
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Alabama - just moved here from Texas
I tried to get a photo of Joshua facing my husband's face, but he just would not cooperate..he was too fascinated with the light on mommy's camera. LOL
Children and animals, you take what you can get and be grateful for it. Imagine the frustration of someone paying you to take just this one shot of their child and will settle for nothing less. Might as well just not take the job.
the only nit I have is the baby's eyes. I don't know if you were using natural light or using a flash but because his pupils are so dialated I suspect that it was natural light. I started noticing an improvement with my pictures in this area because my new camera has red eye reduction which makes the flash stobe for a second causing the subjects pupil to close giving more eye colour. Before this camera I use to go in and actually paint the eyes. I do like this shot and the crop. You may have not gotten what you wanted but I think you got what you needed .--Lenny
I think I used the flash actually. I was just taking a snapshot that my husband asked me to take. I am not pleased with the way it came out, because I do not like using flash. His face was so blotchy looking, that I had to use a gaussian blur to detract from the blotchiness. My husband likes it, so I guess that is all that matters, because it was for him. :D
This, like all of your photos is another very touching scene. You do so well with portraits. I love the soft focus, though I'd give it a bump in brightness to make it glow a bit. :)

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