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May 21, 2010
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yeah i meant to preview but posted before i was finished.. :er:
thanks.. fixed
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The lighting is nice and even on the first shot, good job! I'm seeing a bit of orange in the skin though, and the man's arm looks slightly disembodied with the pose you chose. Otherwise, nice light, good expressions, and good shot overall =)

I love the dramatic lighting in the fourth shot, it should be in a fitness magazine!

In the last shot, watch your posing for women with low cut shirts. The neckline of her shirt is lopsided, making it look like she's about to "fall out" camera left ;)
I'm pretty sure tony hortorn owns the copywrite to the style in #4 :p

Nice shots, sharp and well lit imo, thanks for sharing.
agreed.. very nicely done subject is separated perfectly from the background.. great hi key shot hi5

got anymore? :D
Although I couldn't take a picture as good as any of these, I have a couple very small, nitpicky things to say about the 4th one. His right bicep, well, looks odd. Looks pointy. Also, I think you should have told the model to take off his glasses, I can see them behind his right ear. It makes it look like the shadow behind his ear is off.

Again, really really small details on a very very good shot.

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