A few from a local cathedral

I like them all except the first one. Not enough building, plant covering details, please include the peak of the gable.
Too many to comment on in any detail, but some issues there, so here are a few comments. In 1 and 3 there is a lot of out-of-focus (OOF) stuff in the foreground, which is usually a tough sell. I feel like it's right in my face and prefer not to have it or to have only a small amount and keep it pretty dark so it's unobtrusive. In 2, the large highlight area in the center with no detail is problematic. Sometimes if you have a raw image and the highlight to shadow range isn't too great, you can process the raw file twice, once for highlight detail and once for the rest of the scene, and then combine them. 6 and 7 are pretty good. I would crop a little on the left in 6 and then darken along that edge (OOF areas).

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