A few night shots at Four Peaks Mountain, AZ

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Apr 14, 2009
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Kalispell, MT
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This last one was weird. I saw the owl so I focused to get a sharp edge of his silhouette against the moon. I couldn't frame it as well as I wanted because as soon as I shined the light on him he would get ready to flash. I threw a rock off to the side so he would look at it and then snapped the photo and as soon as I set off my flash he flew away so I only got this one and one other. I wish I could have gotten it without the branches in the way but like I said, every time I tried to shine a light to frame him better he'd get ready to fly. So this is what I got.
I thought they were a great set of shots,the stars were pretty,I like the owl would of loved to of seen his face but still a nice pic
3rd pictures my favorite. I agree, the face of the owl would have been more interesting than the silhouette.. Overall, good job :)
The only one I really did any "work" on was the second one and that was bumping the exposure and the darks on photoshop. Otherwise I just used 25 second exposures during a full moon and used my flash manually to put light exactly where I wanted it to light up foregrounds and the owl. The owl was a 4 second exposure.
You can see more stars and there's less noise on my original files, internet compression makes them look kind of bad. The clouds look surreal because they're moving and the moon was so bright it made them really pop out. I was at 2.8 for most of them but the third one I did f5 so I could use the flash on the larger area without blowing out the tree and still being able to get the stars and clouds clear.

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