a few of my first snowboarding shots

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Feb 22, 2009
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Hi, this is my fist time posting on the site.
The pics posted we're taken in jan of this year in Bansko. I received my Canon 1000D for xmas and was looking forward to getting away and using it.
My very first DSLR. :)

I would like comments on my pics good or bad. Any help would great also.

My son joshua.






I have a few more from another day,Glenshee last week.

cheers guys, great forum and some great work on here.

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Try embedding them straight to the site, most people dont really enjoy following links when unnecessary, and on photobucket they take a long time to load.
Thats what i was aiming for but i got those links, i'll try again.
I like the cool hat pic the best. A tighter frame would be better next time. The chopping off at the knees makes it a bit uncomfortable to look at. Same with the picture of Jen, while the colours POP and I like her expression, she has no feet. Try cropping at a place other than a joint. Looks like you had a fun day..... did you get any skiing in?
Thanks for the comments. I'm new to all this but trying to get better.
The one of jen wasn't cropped, i was lying in the snow taking it.
I'm a big bit overwhelmed with my camera, and I was scared of getting it out in the cold conditions in bansko.

We had an awsome time on holiday.

I love the one of jen, but I'm biased a big bit.
We don't ski, we board and yeah I got plenty of boarding in. The lights was bad most days so I left camera in room. I' could post a few of me that the girl took. SHe likes shooting pics too.


M8 sinky

oh wow. the fifth picture, where he is throwing the snow, is breathtaking to me. the background is so vast, it gives a very cool feel to the boy, and the picture itself. i think its a gorgeous shot.
Thank you very much for your positive comments. I love the one of him throwing the snow, i've got a few of him throwing it and rolling around.
The 5th picture with the kid throwing the snow has a beautiful background. Absolutely amazing.
I have to agree that the one where he's throwing snow is stunning. No0w I have to update the places I have to Visit. lol.


lol. Now who has half a million $ they don't need? lol
the one of him throwing snow was taken in bansko in bulgaria in jan.

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