A few shots..


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Aug 15, 2010
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A few shots.. c&c :)

Please click to enlarge

need C&C pls :)
You'll get the best C&C if we don't have to click on anything. Especially from someone who's so new to the forum ;)

I clicked on the first one and it took forever to load. After that I gave up. From the little pics in your post I believe they're all underexposed. And we've all seen pictures of ants. Try and find a more unique angle, compostion, or setting for your images.
First ... lose the timestamp.

Second ... the shots don't do anything for me. Sorry.
In what format do you upload those photos ? They really load so slow. But looking on it by zooming my browser I can say that they are not bad. I don't know if that is the really image of it. Maybe they are more beautiful when they are seen on their true size.
I have resized the images.. i had uploaded the original ones (around 2.5 mb each). the ones below should load fast.. please suggest what i could have done to make them better..



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