A Gentle, Eassy Morning


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Dec 5, 2012
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Nice -- suggest just a slight nudge of the black point a little more solidly black.

I find this a bit confusing. Is it misty, or not? I realize that the deeper the scene, the more visible the mist is, but it's still not feeling quite right to me.

Pretty nice, though!

I think you could lose about 1/3 off the top of the frame without hurting a thing. This is about the water and the shoreline, to my eyes.
I like this a bunch
I quite like the scene; my confusion with this image is the left side of the frame. Amolitor is questioning whether or not it is mist, and for me, it looks rather like milky development. Either way, my eye is pulled to it because it seems "off" compared to the rest of the frame.

I wouldn't crop it a bit - the composition is appealing.
It was more a misty morning than a "foggy" morning but it was misting enough to alter the light significantly. I will look at the black point again.
I went the opposite way from Andy's suggestion that it was about the shore and water and made it only about the tree(s). I did rest the Bp and increased the contrast slightly and selectively.

I like the new crop, puts more focus on the tree trunk. I found the water distracting. Nice image.
The image has a feel of a very old photo, I really really like it.
I would have kept some water and maybe get ride of the little white branch in the water, which i find a touch distracting. But it is a very little detail.

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