a holy barn - done with a digital point and shoot - still waiting for the nikon d200


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May 25, 2006
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I took these with a Lumix point and shoot while I'm waiting for my Nikon - Please, attack this with criticism so I can learn. I thought it was really neat that this barn out in the middle of nowhere was painted up like this. There was another down the road, but the pictures didn't really come out to my satisfaction on that one - I'll have to go back.
They feel like snapshots. No real composition, and the colors seem flat. Would be interesting to see these from a different perspective, time of day, and/or more contrast. The mini tree in the second is distracting, you should havemoved it down or something.

Keep shooting and practicing. You'll get where you want to be.
Interesting find, Grym!
They could, indeed, do with a colour and contrast boost, then the painting on the barn wall would really come out ... do you work with a post processing programme of sorts? Any of them should have a device to up contrasts. That alone might already help these a lot.

The reason it says "Last edited by LaFoto: etc" is because I put spaces between the two photos so they now show one underneath the other with a space between them. Helps viewing a lot.
A more interesting composition would help for sure. Read up on the rule of thirds. It might be nice to see the entire barn here.

Your time of day also was not ideal. Mid day sun is very harsh, and difficult to work with. Try a 1/2 hour before and after sunrise/sunset.
I'd reallt like to see the bottom of the barn parallel with the bottom of the frame. The image is a little flat as well. Neat find though.
thanks for the advice everyone! I have photoshop but due to circumstances I haven't been able to do anything with these pictures yet - I just recently changed computers and haven't moved all of my software over yet.
It would be good to see the barn in context. I wouldn't have known it was in the middle of nowhere unless you said. The colours could do with a bit of a saturation boost too.

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