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May 25, 2003
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David from 1000 words emailed me about his site and I had read about it elsewhere only previously.

It showcases photographs and photo essays. Some relaly interesting work on there. I love the father smoking and the Cambodian kids. Powerful stuff!

If you'd like to be involved, go to the submit page and send in your photo essay.

Yes Shop Talk was interesting, but i liked "Grandma" more. The picture quality i didn't think was great, but the expression on her face told volumes about her character. The Essay confirmed what the picture told me.

Hey Manda! What a surprise!!! I appreciate the gesture!

The Cambodian kids was pretty cool - I thought about persuading the author to change the title to 'Wally' but decided against it in the end. I thought the photo was very engaging.

The 'Bad Habits' one was rather interesting too although I was concerned that I might be sending a bad message to smokers. Obviously, that was not what I intended and hoped to focus more on the battle that he faced (both the father and son).

'Shop Talk' was a real surprise!!! I was predicting something different from this author because she's quite feisty! When you read her blog, you'll know what I mean. When I got it, I was surprised and both very impressed with her versatility. Still, she remains very feisty. My jaw drops whenever I read her entries.

'Grandma' really got to me too and although I had to improve the picture quality, I got the impression that that was the best quality photo of the moment. I appreciated that (because photos like that are usually taken when you're pretty overwhelmed) and it goes to show that you can have a fairly ordinary quality photo but think of it as your best photograph amongst your collection. The story? It was a killer!!!

Many people have been deterred to submit entries thinking that the ones shown are 'too good' - but rest assured, I think it's the honesty that has come out from their submissions. They didn't realise the significance of it either as it is difficult to see in the first perspective. Hope some of you will take the plunge.

Glad you're liking it so far.


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