A poem dedicated to the Ulu Knife.


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Jun 2, 2013
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Working in a tourist store in Ketchikan AK, I sell and stock a LOT of ulu knives all day. I was inspired to think up this little poem dedicated to the little knife the other day:

The Ulu Knife.
Taken by those on ships,
sold at next year's yard sale.
Lonely Ulu.
Having been an Alaska resident for nearly a decade, I must say the Ulu knife is actually a useful thing. I loved it for cutting meat -- the design transfers more of the force you put into cutting than a conventional knife. Its definitely more efficient.
As someone who lives in Alaska, I have never actually used/seen someone use a ulu other then for demonstrations. :confused:
My parents brought me back an ulu knife from their Alaskan cruise. I freakin' love this thing, use it all the time.

It's almost an American Haiku (a Kerouac thing, three lines, paints a picture, but don't count syllables)!

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