A question for those who've tied the knot...

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...and maybe for those who untied it again later ;)

What piece of music/song did you have your first dance to (at the wedding reception that is)?

Mine was "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis :lovey:
Hammer smashed face - by Cannibal Corpse
Oddly, that wasn't on my list of tunes most likely to appear - how could I have missed it? :scratch:
Honestly... I don't even remember..

(Of course I wouldn't tell my hubby that.. )
No music, just the sound of the wind and distant thunder.
I'm about 99% sure it was "Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker

(There was no music for the divorce 16 years later, although "Hit the Road Jack" was playing in my head)
Something that came to mind after I played '...and then there were three' last night. "Follow You, Follow Me" is the last track on the album after "The Lady Lies".
Actually you may have just given me an idea, just not sure I have the time to do anything about it now.
Yep, that's me... inspiring people all over the world
. I find it a-muse-ing
We get married today and we are using the acoustic song ( now known as your guardian angel, but we prefer the original befor they went famous.) by red jumpsuit apparatus
We wanted "Sail away with me" by David Gray but the DJ forgot it so we had "She's like the wind" by Patrick Swayze.

In the Church whilst we were signing the register we had a local church group play "Ave Maria" The girl singing it was amazing!
Edit: The other song that might have been our first dance (I just can't remember for sure) was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers (song that featured in the movie "Ghost", for those of you who may not be able to put the title to the song. The words aren't quite as fitting, though, so I think that's why we went with the other one)

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