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Dec 31, 2008
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Tecklenburger Land
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Also I made this one at a cloudy day at Miramar(France). Here i do some more HDR Tune, to bring the little shop more in foreground against that rainy clouds, that are coming in the background. My idea was to have a picture of that Photostore with the ads and neighbours, the original is gray and grey anyway, so its good to have all my work in raw and not in jpg. ;)
What do you think, is the presence of the store good enough in that picture? (Yes, in the original resolution you can read the menucard. ;) )

greetings peter
Well, I definitely wouldn't have known this is an HDR without you saying so -- very good job there. Overall, I don't think that the photo is terribly interesting though. Sorry.
I like it very much. Color balance is really good if you ask me.
I just feel that the posters are capturing most of my attention my eyes are contiously leading to the left. I would rather they be focused in the center to the store.
And the reflection of the guy on the window was it intentional ?
In my opinion the teddy bear with the ice cream cone seems irrelevant to the photo.

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