A selfie (eugh) and glasses


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Jul 6, 2011
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England, West Yorkshire
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I cringe at the thought of taking selfies like this, I find it vain and what not but I thought this looked quite cool, and somehow i completely guessed the focus on manual and got it sharp

And I just like this photo
Shoot... I'd like the selfie if just for the Sonic Youth shirt. I have that exact shirt but I got it ................................ 15 years ago. I actually do like the disconnect of someone who looks like they belong at a hole in the wall venue listening to a band no one is ever heard of right smack in the middle of nature. I dig it.
Thanks aha, yeah my friend 'lent' me it but now said I can just keep it for a beer. Not sure if the effect would be to peoples taste, its just my own photoshop action I made with adjusting curves etc
Who is that bored dude in the first shot? Oh, wait, it's YOU man! lol.
I like both of them, the only thing I would suggest for composition, do something with you hands.

Solid advice. dead arms kill photos.

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