A sleeping Polar Bear and a Jelly Fish.


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Jul 22, 2013
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Quebec, Canada
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Me again!

Went to the "Aquarium du Quebec" this weekend with my GF and I tried to shoot a little. To tell you the truth, I came to the conclusion that I need a LOT more practice. I had an hard time seeing the picture before pressing the shutter button. I need to work more on this and composition before anything else in my opinion.

Anyways, here's 3 shots that I kind of like, and would like to have you C&C on them.

#1 Jelly Fish (F/4 - ISO1600 - 1/100 - 160mm)


(Heavily PP since it was to dark and I wanted a big light contrast with the dark (black) water)

#2 Resting Polar Bear (F/4 - ISO100 - 1/1250 - 210mm)


(Shot through a window, tried to PP to "erase" that blueish window)

#3 Sleeping Polar Bear (F/4 - ISO100 - 1/1250 - 210mm)


(Same as #2, but different frame. My favorite)

(Since my Shutter Speed and ISO seemed off from my last thread's comment, I tried to "consider" them a little more.)

I thing they are a little better than my dog's shots, (see: http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/nature-wildlife/335074-noob-my-dogs-advices-needed-about-pp.html ) but these one have been post-processed. (See explaination below pics) I have put the original pic under the "good" one and would like to know your opinion on my PP. (What could I have done better)

Thanks again in advance for the comments! It is really appreciated!
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The jelly fish looks cool but its a little soft.

I like the bear, but they look underexposed. All of them have good composition though.
I would say your shutter speed was a little high for the bears. Looking at the originals your WB looks off too. Is that a reflection I see in the top left? Try a CPL, you can get rid of that.

Post processing looks like you did a good job of cleaning them up, just needs to be a little brighter. IMO
Thanks for the feedback.

I worked a little more on the last bear shot. I have brightened the pic a little and got ride of the reflection on the top left. Some other slight adjustment were done also.


I took the liberty, this is my take. I like the shot a lot. I didnt touch the reflection I didnt have the time to mess with it, but here is what I would do.

EDIT: had time to do a little adjustments to my edit.

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And my take which was to straighten out the horizontal plane and reset the white balance, darken the BG. Oh, and removed the greenish color cast from the fur.

And my take which was to straighten out the horizontal plane and reset the white balance, darken the BG. Oh, and removed the greenish color cast from the fur.

View attachment 52003

Nice, the color green always gets me for some reason, Im still working on that.... nice edit. How did you remove the green thing in front of him.
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I used the patch tool for the general move then cloned away the leftover artifacts. Easiest way to get rid of the green is to do a color range selection on a HSB layer singling out the greens from the master layer control. Adjust accordingly.

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