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Aug 4, 2013
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Just messing around as I pack for a trip tomorrow.

Definitely a unique looking reel. It's a beaut - used, but that's the way they should be. What kind of line do you have on there. Looks like an interchangeable tip?
Thanks, yes you're right Ari 'T Hart did make some interesting looking reels. I use that specific reel I use on a 3wt rod so I have it lined with: Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Series GPX. The line is 1/2 weight heavy so it works well on that specific 3wt rod. For tomorrow it will just be a backup rod. I will hopefully be needing my 10' 7wt mostly. I'll bring the 3wt and maybe a 0wt to mess around with the cutts if the big bulls don't want to play.
Gotcha. The two-tone line was throwing me off. I've heard the GPX is good for the small streams. Around here, I'm always throwing enough line to load the rod or just upline a whole weight rather than loading it to the front.

Good luck with the trip. Hope you catch a good time if nothing else.
It was an awesome trip, too bad I had a not so great day behind the camera and some of my shots were out of focus.

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