A trio of water bird captures

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Jun 8, 2009
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SW Florida
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Took a ride in the boat with my father this morning. Lots of birds out. These are taken with my Nikon 18-200. Not much of a birding lens. But I was happy enough with these to post.



And a coupe of pelicans in transit.
These look so good. I envy you the opportunity and the "not-much-of-a-birding-lens" you used, which gave you these :)shock: ) results, after all!!!
Well thank you kindly Corrina. So much subject material in my area. Cant wait til I can justify a 400 f4. :sillysmi:

I was fairly close to the pelicans. Had to crop the ospreys though. 200 just not enough reach.
Well, it seems like your lens at least does give you the sharpness to crop. Mine doesn't. Not at all. Which is such a pity. But I must make do with what I have (or leave it - and I've been leaning towards "just leaving it" for the past two years now, I'm afraid). A favourite hobby can easily become a bit of a "nuisance" when the outcome is always mediocre at most because of limitations in equipment... :(
So true. Im not a "gotta have the latest and greatest" guy. But I am a pixel peeper. And Im rapidly becoming a prime snob. Image softness makes me :gah:

The problem with the 18-200 is its waaaaay too soft any wider than f8. Not much speed to work with for moving subjects at a distance. The AF is pretty quick on it though.
i think your lens is ok, the sharpness looks good for in flight birds and that's a tough one to get.. just watch the aperture, most zoom lenses have one aperture that is the best.. maybe 5.6 or 8 on that lens.. do some trials and experiment to find the best setting



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