A trip to the zoo... (C&C Welcomed)


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Jan 21, 2009
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Sacramento, CA
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Finally got a break in the weather on a weekend, took a trip to the zoo... (C&C welcomed)

1. Snow Leopard


2. Red Panda


3. Some kind of Lizard:

is that really a panda ? well the picture looks nice ... seems its in its perfectly suited habitat
Photos #1 and #2 are great! I like how the snow leopard looks right in your camera. The red panda looks very natural for a photo taken in a zoo.
Thanks SlimPaul - I used a very clever technique to get that Snow Leopard shot. I took about a hundred and fifty photos of it, and got lucky he happened to turn once in my direction! LOL :) (even a blind pig...)

Photos #1 and #2 are great! I like how the snow leopard looks right in your camera. The red panda looks very natural for a photo taken in a zoo.
Hahaha that issss a clever technique chairman, i'll have to try that. I believe the term for that is trigger happy. That must have been a pain to sort through later
I really like #1 and #2 nice and sharp with good color.
That snow leopard rocks. Looks like he wants a piece of you.
Great pics. Love the color in the second one. What kind of lens were you using?
First shots is perhaps a little tight, but it works well with the intense stare from the cat (clearly he was wondering what photographer tastes like ;)). I would try doing a selective brightness edit on the eyes to make them a little brighter - the shots is darker overall which has really helped preserve the whites but its shadowing his eyes quite a bit.

Second shot is the best of the 3 - fantastic pose and scene! A shame that there is overexposure on the whites of the panda, but still a fantastic shot!

Third shots the focus is a little bit forward of where it needs tobe (the eye) and that eye looks dead and empty = made me think that it was a model of a reptile at first!

Overall some really good shooting here - keep it up and hope to see more!
Makes me want to go to the zoo now! I really like this shot. As Overread stated earlier, the shot is a little dim. This is one of those shots that I wish I had the raw, hehe. I would definitely add a saturation layer mask and contrast/brightness layer mask then blend them. To bring the eyes out, you can try making a blank layer. Taking a small, hard brush, paint a 1/4 circle on the iris of each eye just opposite the catch light; try using white or a bright yellowish-green. Gaussian blur this layer then change opacity to your liking. I think this will really make those eyes pop!

Nice! That's a panda? I almost thought it was a red raccoon. Great shot.

I think your DOF is a little too shallow.

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