A very small bird in the wild. And where is Kirk?


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Feb 25, 2020
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It was challenging. They fly into the thickest , unphotographical stuff that you can imagine. There he is! Ooops he's gone. There he is again!!! I can't find him. He was just right there!

Is this good enough for you Kirk???? Huh? Is it??????????
Brids don't just follow me around and pose like they do for you Dr. Kirklittle.

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What's that all about? Was it something I said? I have trouble with little birds like that myself, they very seldom sit still. That's why you don't see many pics of small birds from me. I suggest you try capturing some bigger birds that tend to be more relaxed. :victorious:

That's a pretty nice shot there, btw. Good effort in capturing it.

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