A Very Wet Langdale

Chris of Arabia

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Mar 10, 2007
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Caught in one of the brief moments between torrential downpours

This is NOT in Arabia.
It can't be!
Not Arabia (or I am totally mistaken as to what things look like THERE). This is - home,I guess! When are you going back? End of January?

To be taking the camera along in weather like this ...! I cannot make myself... But you might even LIKE all the wetness, and the green, and the rain, since you don't get so much of it where you live for most of the time, right?
That's very true - this place is about as NOT Arabia as it's possible to be and is probably no more than 2-3 miles from the wettest place in England, or about 60 miles from our UK home. I wish I was staying until the end of January, but unfortunately, in the small hours of Wednesday morning I'll be getting back on the plane to Riyadh (via Frankfurt).

The camera stayed mostly in the boot of the car whilst Anne-Marie and I exchanged wrong sized fleeces for my parents and had a pork sausage & onions on a ciabatta roll, with a side order of chips. Oh and half a Guinness.
Oh-oh-oh. Back so early. I didn't know. But then you have to work hard to have time for coming back to Europe (North Germany, to be exact) in May! :biggrin: I am really looking forward to meeting you here! Have I already reserved you a bed in the TPF Home?

And about the photo: it is as beautiful a landscape photo as can be and looks really really British to me with the mountains in the background and the wet green in the foreground. Lovely element is that fence, too! And the big, big puddle on the grass, of course!
This is much, much, much appreciated! Thank you so much!!! :hug::
A beautiful, pastoral shot. As Lafoto said, a wonderfully typical British scene. And I like how the fence seems to lead one's eye through the shot.

Soooo sorry to hear it was so rainy while you were there.
I want to go there, can anyone give me a lift??
Wandering round here yesterday gave me an idea for a TPF meet up at some future time - may be not until 2009/10 though.

Andy, if you get yourself as far as Preston or Blackpool, the rest of the way wouldn't be a problem. Except for the small matter of me being off to Riyadh on Wednesday.

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