A Walk Through Old Salem


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Dec 28, 2007
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Went on a trip to Winston-Salem Friday, and was more hurried than I like, but I managed to snap these off. I took my M50mm f/1.7, DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 , and Soligor 70-222mm f/3.5.


1: Taken with Soligor


2: Taken with M-50mm wide open


3: Also taken with M 50mm wide open


4: Yep, you guessed it, M 50mm wide open (I know its tilted but to straighten it crops off the bottom of the glass)


5: Again, M 50mm, but stopped down to f/5.6, I think


6: A bit of abstractness, with (of course) M 50mm wide open


7: The wonders of SR, this was a 1/8 sec exposure while walking!


8: M 50mm again


9: I know, another boring water shot, M50mm


10: Inside the darkroom, M50mm wide open, high ISO plus crop equals graininess


11: M50mm again


12: Taken with Soligor 70-222mm at 222mm at f/3.5, I believe


13: Taken with DA 18-55mm at 43mm, f/4.5

Hope I posted enough pictures, lol. Not many WOW pictures, but I felt they turned out and I am happy, and had fun in NC.

Thanks for looking,

I found a face in the first water glass..... in the water left hand side..... yea

I love the darkroom shot simply because of the colors.
I also like the last shot of the bridge, however i would have liked it a lot more if you had shot down the center instead of off to the side...
Interesting series. My fave is the last shot (such a warm glow to the wood, and all those great lines of the wood beams!) I like the angle from which you took it. I also like shot 8, but wish you hadn't cut off the bit of the chair leg as that's distracting to my eye. Image 7 has great 'curves' to it, but is a bit soft.
Thanks everyone,
Photoadder, the reason it is soft is that it was taken with a 1/8 sec exposure handheld while walking. I think it turned out amazing under those conditions. I was with a group and feeling rushed, but if I would go back, I would take a monopod.

It's possible to straighten 4, I did, and also edited it a little.

With your permission, I'll post it here.
Harmony, go ahead! That'd be great!

So, in GIMP, I rotated by -2.5 degress and then I messed with curves.

Oh. And added the text, obviously.

Thanks! Looks great


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