A world of stairs

I really like the first 2 :)
I think the fourth one would be better if u had more stair in it, the middle part is too big I find. Great pictures overall tho!
No. 4 is actually my fav from the set.

I like the first too - good vision - however I think it could be enhanced slightly if you were to bring out more color of the bricks in post production.

Nice work
Good to see you back after a long time, daithi. Thanks for your comments. If you feel like playing with #1 a bit, send me a PM and I'll email you the RAW file.
Sry if I sounded like I didn't like number four :irked:, it's very good, I like the shadows on the wall and how symmetrical it is. Sry if I confused you guys
#2 leaves me intrigued as to what is at the top...

#4 has some great angles! Kinda plays with your brain a bit - I like!
No worries, let_it_be_a_photo... I saw where you were coming from. I did want to include more stairs, but lowering the angle would've meant including a window that didn't really fit the abstract idea.

Thanks for your comments, marcus_manolo and Zada!

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