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About Chestnuts


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Oct 21, 2016
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A few years ago new saplings were being planted around the city and I have been wondering what they were. A couple of weeks ago, I took this pictures. I think these are chestnuts. So that much of the mystery seems to be solved. Anybody know about when to gather these nuts?

[2020-10-04 18:29]
A small update: Today, walking home in an Autumn drizzle, I saw a squirrel carrying off one of the chestnuts. I took a moment and looked around, and there were none left. Apparently, I had witnessed the squirrel making off with the very last one. Ok, so next year, I'll have to remember that if I want to try one, I should gather it before October.

[2021-10-10 02:01]
Probably my last update: Further research turned up some important information. This is NOT a chestnut tree, it is a "Horse Chestnut" tree and the nut in this case is poisonous. There are both slightly beneficial compounds and damaging compounds contained in various parts of the plant, but overall it's a "do not eat". Now I wonder about the squirrel. I notice that it is not around this year. I saw seeds scattered on the ground today. Is it possible that eating the Horse Chestnut killed it? A sad end.


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It's a bit small and I can't open the full image on the browser on my tablet for some reason.

Used to collect these for playing conkers as a kid. They should be ready around that stage from now onwards, perhaps during October being the optimum time but that may vary slightly regionally.

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