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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
Hi Guys
I've been on the forum a while now and haven't bothered writing an introduction at all, how lazy of me! I initially thought I was only going to ask a few quick questions and then leave you all be but you're just too friendly and helpful for me to leave!

Anyway, I'm Ben, I live in Oxford and although I've been taking photo's for a few years I've only really started getting interested in it recently when I got a DSLR (still paying it off!) and was able to take shots and see them straight away rather than wait a week to however long to get the film developed. I like to get out and shoot about 4-5 times in my week off but then I work 2 weeks on and one week off (don't get too jealous, they're 2 weeks of 12 hour shifts!) so it's not really as much as it sounds.

That's a brief bit on me, if you want to know more then just ask...
magicmonkey said:
Hi Guys
but you're just too friendly and helpful for me to leave!

now your never going to leave i'm affraid.... you've been reprogrammed, only chase or hobbes can set you free..... and that ain't gonna happen!

its good you decided to stay monkeymagic.... i use to love that show... never knew what the hell was happening.... but it was just good anyway :thumbup:
ahh, the classic 'Chase and Hobbes Brainwash' as advertised by consiricy theorists around the globe!

Yeah, that show rocks, haven't seen any in ages, looks like a night in with the DVD player some time soon...
Welcome to TPF.
Welcome Ben! I've seen ya around but I guess I can officially welcome you know since you "officially" introduced yourself! :lol:
lol, I was contemplating heading up to the London meet up as it's only up the road, now I'm worried about getting kidnapped though! ;)

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