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Feb 6, 2008
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Steps to becoming a Green Oregon wedding photographer

Christian J Stanley photography
A Certified Green Business who photographs weddings in Oregon and throughout the nation.

First give yourself a mission.


Become Green… Be Green… Stay Green…

My mission is to be socially and environmentally responsible in the way I, market and deliver professional photography.

I provide eco-friendly practices that reduce the harmful environmental bi-products and waste that we create though our day to day living.

Second give yourself a Vision


I believe in finding a balance between business and the environment. It’s important to be environmentally conscious and make use of sustainable business principles to help be part of a healthy environment.

Being Green is about changing your way of thinking with an attitude toward sustainability in our everyday lives.

Businesses that are able to responsibly work with the environment rather than just consume its resources, will lead in creating a better future for all. These kind of practices will surely assist in rising to the top of our market.


Here are some actions you can take to being a green business:

- We use Digital Cameras instead of Film, reducing the left over harsh chemicals

- We use a 100% Solar powered web host.

- We use Wind power through our electrical service provider

- We contribute to Climate Trust Projects

- We encourage the electronic delivery of images through e-mail and our website

- We display and share client photos using an online Internet Photo Gallery

- We use Rechargeable Batteries in our equipment

- We reuse shipping boxes and packing material we receive

- We recycle all paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, plastics, cans and bottles

- We replaced incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent alternatives

- We replaced tube-monitors with Energy Star compliant LCD flat panels

- We donate old equipment or ensure it is properly recycled

- We reduce trips to essentials and do more than one errand per trip

- We have our automobile fluids changed at a facility that recycles them

- We use biofuels for our automobiles

We unplug unused power supplies even when nothing's attached


Christian J Stanley
Eugene Portland Bend Oregon wedding photographer

Other possible actions

- We use whatever is the best medium for image capture as all chemicals present on earth are here anyway, disposal/neutralizing is cost effective and easy

- We use a cost effective web host who takes power from the national grid which adheres to gov guidlines while india/china pump out 100 times the crap we used to anyway.

- We use Wind power through our electrical service provider

- We contribute too much already

- We use whichever method is easiest for the client as there's still a lot of people not connected

- We display and share client photos whichever way is convenient to the client

- We use Rechargeable Batteries in our equipment as it works out cheaper

- We send shipping boxes and packing material to the local landfill

- We send those paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, plastics, cans and bottles to landfill too as the suppliers should be more responsible in their packaging in the first instance

- We use whatever we need to see in the dark

- We hate flat panels and struggle along with our CRT

- We use our equipment till it fails to function anymore

- We tend to use a very practical all weather 4x4 to ensure we turn up at our clients gigs or we end up out of business

- We have our automobile fluids changed and disposed of by the local dealer who is also controlled by Gov

- I'd like to use biofuels for my automobile to reduce running costs but cant get hold of them for love nor money

We unplug things when we go to bed as we don't want to wake up to find the house ablaze.

and finally, when the whole planet conforms we will too, till then I dont believe a word of the scaremongering, climatechange treehugging garbage spouted by the media, now gotta turn up the heating as its bl**dy freezing in this pre war house we live in. H
Most of the above isnt hard to do, except the wind and solar powered things. :) I have no idea what smugmug uses to power their systems, probably the power grid.

And being green may help you get business, at least with the green people.

And some of it will end up saving you money, like the rechargeable batteries. Im a bit weary with those energy effecient light bulbs since they normally contain mercury. I heard somewhere that if you break one of those lightbulbs in your house, it will cost a few thousand dollars to hire a company to come in and clean up the mercury. Just imagine if this happens in a clients home. Ive heard there are non mercury alternatives but so far I havent found them.

And recycling isnt hard. we keep 5 garbage pails, one for plastics, glass, tin, and paper, and a 5th for regular garbage. Then when they get full we simply take them to the recycle place. It would be nice if they had a recycle pickup like garbage but oh well.

take your old equipment, sell it on ebay, get some money, and youve recycled. :D

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