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Nov 5, 2008
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hi guys,
wondering how you folks manage the degree of variation in brightness between different computer monitors.
i do most of my work on an imac. i know this monitor is super bright so i have it set a few notches down. but, i find such a wide range from computer to computer (ie my laptop, my work computer) that i wonder how other people are viewing my work.
would learning how to read and make adjustments of the histogram be a better approach then to just eyeball?
What we do is calibrate our monitors with a proper calibration device. That way you can be reasonably sure that what you see on the monitor is accurate, so you can be confident that any adjustments you make are 'what you see is what you get'.

Check out the Spyder III from Datacolor
The majority of people never calibrate their monitors so the best you can do is, like Big Mike said, calibrate yours and hope for the best. iMacs are pretty spot on out of the box but you could use the built in calibration in the System Preferences to make sure it suits your viewing environment ie. room lighting.

Checking the histogram is definitely worthwhile too.

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